Catch A Painted Pony

Catch A Painted Pony
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Catch A Painted Pony

No longer free to stay
in the homeland they loved best.
Forced to march in the cold of winter
to the barren wilds of the west.

Out on the plains
where the buffalo roam,
the Indian was forced
to call this his home.

Fewer and fewer
rights to proclaim
as the ancestors of our country
did act with shame.

Shame in taking a people so peaceful
and turning them to savage revenge.
The very thought of what they suffered
causes my heart and mind to cringe.

Driven further,
pushed to the sea.
Where is the home
of the brave and the free?

Catch a painted pony,
ride across the land.
Come back home dear friends…
take God’s hand.

Again the deer
and the buffalo will roam…
in this beautiful land
we call our home.

Where all men and women
will eventually be;
in the home of the brave
and the land of the free.

The spirits beckon.
Hear their cry…
‘Catch a painted pony,
let no more die.’

Live in peace.
In love abide.
Catch a painted pony.

Marge Tindal

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